How to Join

 or  Frequently Asked Questions





What is the Purpose of the Organization ?


The purpose of the present unit is two fold: First, to accurately recreate the lifestyles, clothing, equipment, drill, battle scenarios, and encampments of the men, women and children of the original 1774 Company, as closely as possible. Secondly, to provide an educational resource and further the public understanding of the early portion of the American War of Independence.


What Types of Activities Does the Company Promote ?


The Company typically takes part in 18th century style encampment and battle reenactments, parades, and educational demonstrations. Members of the unit have also appeared in historical documentary films such as Liberty, and other PBS sponsored documentaries.


How much does it cost to join ?


The Company requires a $5.00 a year dues from it's members. The Company is self-funding by collecting revenues by participation in parades, or other activities, without receiving federal, state, or local funding. All members are asked to support the Company by participating in these events. The Company provides insurance, tentage, and gunpowder with these funds.


How do I get Outfitted in 18th Century Clothing ?


Since the purpose of the Company is the portrayal of a Militia unit, the Company encourages individualistic civilian clothing to be worn by it's members to portray various occupations and social ranking. Members are responsible for the purchase or making of their own personal clothing. Clothing can be purchased from commercial sources, or, if you can sew, you can make your own, which yields a more authentic and less expensive garment in most cases. Some of the Company members can help with patterns, styles, advice on the proper materials, etc. Addresses of such merchants who can supply ready made clothing are available on request.


Can anyone participate in the Musket Line ?


The Musket Line is open to both men and women over the age of 16. For legal and insurance requirements, Massachusetts residents are required to possess a Firearms Identification Card (FID), which is issued by your local Police Department. Out of state members are required to possess similar certifcation from their home state. Additional safety and drill training will be provided by the Company to ensure a safe and historically accurate portrayal, before venturing on to the battle field. Commercial sources for period muskets are available upon request.


How do I get started as a Fifer or Drummer ?


The Company is always in need of Musicians to support the troops as they march into battles, and also provide an added dimention and interest to the Company during parades. Battle Orders are transmitted by the Musicks during the reenactments, and the Musicks also provide coordination of the troops while on the march. Period Fife and Drum instruction is graciously available for new members through the Company Musicks at no charge. Both men and women are encouraged to participate in this area. Two period style reproduction drums are available for Drummers on a first come, first served basis. Fifers are required to purchase their own instruments.


Other than participating in the Musket Line or as a Musician, how can I contribute?


Persons wishing to portray and demonstrate period skills and personas other than the military aspects are most welcome. Many women portray Camp followers and demonstrate typical 18th Century skills during encampments and also put on educational demonstrations. Men may portray any of the period craftsman skills, or even serve as Clergy or Surgeons. Children may participate in 18th Century games and camp chores, or just do what they do best, which is to be themselves.


What if I don't know a lot about this time period in history ?


All that is required is an interest; you do not have to be an historian to be part of the Company. In joining the Company, while recreating the clothing, researching the lifestyles and learning about the period, members become self-educated while sharing the aquired knowledge with others in the unit. Long time members are on a continuing quest to learn more about the original company and period as time goes on.



Where do I get more information ?


Monthly business meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, at Palmer River School, Rt. 44, Rehoboth, Mass., at 7:30 PM. Please E-mail a member of the Company before attending your first meeting, as the Location and Time may change. These meetings, are open to all, and interested parties are encouraged to meet the members of the Company there. Company event schedules are available upon request.