13th Continental Regiment


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The 13th Continental Regiment was formed by consolidating the remnants of Timothy Walker's Regiment and David Brewer's Regiment with the remnant of Read's Regiment. Colonel Joseph Read commanded this regiment throughout 1776.  As a regiment on the right wing of the army at Boston, it was ordered to furnish details for the Fortification of Dorchester Height’s.  Read's regiment remained with the Main Army, moving to New York City in April.  The 13th served in Trenton and Princeton.

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13th Continental Regiment/
Rehoboth Minute Men


By orders of General George Washington and the Continental Congress in Philadelphia


All able bodied men, women and families are needed for this year’s campaign




Soldiers: Men or Women


Musicians: Fifers or Drummers


Camp Followers: Men, Women and Families


Citizens of all towns are welcome to join the unit.

Help fight the tyranny of King George.


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